Do’s and Dont’s while taking a taxi cab

This post is mainly for public safety while booking a taxi cab especially for women. There is no intention of marketing our company and it is purely non profitable  article.


  • Book in advance. Pre-booking a taxi will avoid last-minute – and possibly risky – decisions. Book with a firm that someone you know uses regularly. Try and find a service that uses text or call-back to let you know when the taxi is arriving.
  • Get vehicle details if possible. When you book, ask if they can tell you the make and color of vehicle as well as the cab driver’s name.
  • Tell someone else your plans. If you are travelling to meet a friend, give them the name of the taxi company, where you are being picked up from and what time you expect to get there.
  • Sit in the back. The safest seat is the one behind the driver as you are furthest out of reach. If a group of you are taking the taxi, ensure that the last person to be dropped off sits there. Keep your belongings on your person.
  • Use your mobile. If you feel nervous, an idea is to phone a friend or simply pretend to do so. This will make it less likely that anything untoward will happen. If you are seriously concerned about anything, phone the police.
  • When you have reached your destination, ask the driver to wait until you are inside. They should be willing to do this because it will make it more likely you will use their service again in future.

Don’t ..

  • Avoid wearing too much of jewelry and taking heavy cash.
  • If you are traveling during night time,please make sure that the driver is not drunken.
  • Don’t talk about any important matters like your bank,credit card,savings,phone number inside the taxi.
  • Women should avoid traveling alone especially during night time
  • Keep the contact numbers of the local police station or your friends in case of emergency.
  • Make a note of the taxi registration number and name of the operator and message to closest one before you get in taxi (especially for women traveling alone day/night).

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