Women taxi drivers – Women’s safety – Different Views by Quora Authors

Women Taxi Divers- Women Safety – Views by Quora Authors

Votecab team consistently participate in Quora by posting questions and answering on taxi cab perspective.

We got notable authors who shared their views for most of questions posted by us. Few of them are posted here for the question “Will introducing women taxi drivers unriddle women’s safety problems in India?“.

Vineeta Tyagi:

The only way out is to carry pepper sprays and swiss knives, because the female driver might not be a rapist but people with criminal intents come in all forms.
No matter how civilized we get, vigilance is something we cant hope to leave behind, this applies to both men and women. DONT TRUST STRANGERS!

Sharmistha Das:

No it won’t . Women drivers are good for employment  purpose  only . Safety would still be a problem to be tackled at individual level . It will also  mean  both driver and passenger  needs  to carry pepper sprays .

Naina Gupta:

It wont make much difference to the safety of the women but yes.. introducing lady cab drivers will give a rocket like boost to the confidence of the women who still shy away from coming out of their homes due to safety reasons.

Dhaval Trivedi:

I would see this as the opportunity for the women to enter in the area of the driving profession. There are cities which have already have the women drivers. But beleiving that if the women are being taken by the women drivers will be 100% safe is not true.
But my vote goes for yes because it will definately increase confidence of the women passengers about their safety.

Vamshi Krishna:

There is no permanent solution to any problem. Getting the solution to a  problem leads to surging another problem.
There are no immediate and instant solutions to making cities safe for women.  Explanation below is not supported to any gender.

Considering few points:
1)As supporting evidence, Women are more responsible and adhere to the traffic rules than men.
2) Women drivers for Women, obviously reduces life threat /Forced Sex to some extent.
3)Women drivers for Women also reduces drunk and drive cases.
4)Statistically women drivers speeding will be under control as per norms.

On the other side
1) As per the evidence, most of the incidents occur during night time. So women need security during night, WHETHER THEY ARE WOMEN DRIVERS OR WOMEN
2)Fact says, Women don’t react as well in dangerous situations instantly.
3)Women drivers for Women will not guarantee increase in safety measures for women commuters.

Concluding from the above facts that, Though women drivers for women reduces life threat/forced sex upto some extent, but this is not only the solution.Both women driver taxi service providers(TSP) and women commuters should embed technology, safety equipment’s and safety precautions to avoid unexpected situations.

Maitreyi Karn:

It’ll surely help for the taxi business but rape problem will not be wiped out. The society as a whole has to evolve to remove this problem. Taxi providing companies can surely train their drivers and educate them about women safety and also imbibe in them the culture of safe pick ups and drops so as to gain the trust of its customers.

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