VOTECAB Android App – To Find best taxi operators, user insights, fare calculator & reviews at one place.


Votecab is best taxi cab app, where you can search all taxi cab operators including the Luxury car operators.
Votecab lets you compare taxi fares, calculate fares of various taxi cab operators for various car types, read user insights, write reviews and share reviews in social media. One can call all taxi cab operators from Votecab app.


★ Browse and call 130+ taxi cab providers (Intra & Intercity taxi cab operators) over 25 cities.
★ Explore every taxi cab operators in your city and use search filters to find the one that suits you best.
★ Access all taxi cab providers, detailed fare chart, phone numbers, websites, fleets and other taxi-related information.
★ Maintain an easy-reference list of your favorite taxi cab operators you want to use with my favorites.
★ Fare comparison enables you get the best fare for your ride.
★ Fare calculator for all taxi cab operators and different car types.
★ Get to know the fare breakup for your ride.
★ User insights and ratings for the taxi cab providers.
★ Write, share your review and ratings post journey.
★ Explore luxury car operators near your location.

Next big thing in India’s Internet marketplace after online retailers – WHAT?


Every Indian marketing analyst has one question in mind.
What’s the next big thing in India’s Internet marketplace after online retailers Flipkart and Snapdeal? Investors are betting that it could well be an on-demand taxi hailing service.
Companies such as Ola, TaxiForSure, Uber and Meru are experiencing a boom in demand for their cab services in a country where the transport infrastructure is still creaky and safe public and private commuting options are few.
A shift in consumer habits towards convenience and on-demand services, and, most crucially, low prices, have fuelled the boom.
“These days, the first thing a college graduate wants is the latest gadget rather than a car. Such shifts in consumer habits including the growing preference for convenience and use of smartphones for buying goods and services are helping the industry grow exponentially,”
Ola and Uber, in particular, have grown explosively over the past year by offering car rides at prices lower than the fares charged by auto rickshaws. How long can such prices be sustained for is anyone’s guess, but for now these companies continue to spend massive amounts of capital on marketing, discounts, recruiting thousands of new drivers and expanding into new markets.